The UPA Staff, 1948

UPA staff photo

Identifications are by Mary Cain, supplemented by identifications by Willis Pyle. The spellings are mostly Mary's and may be slightly off in a few cases; I'll fix any errors as correct spellings surface. Likewise, some of the job titles are undoubtedly not quite right for 1948—someone who was later an animator may have been an assistant then—but I've tried to identify as many people as possible in the capacities for which they're best known. In some cases, I don't know which job a person filled; a number of the women in the photo presumably worked in ink and paint, but I can't say that for certain about anyone in particular. I'll make adjustments as more information turns up.

1. Pete Burness (animator/director). 2. Pat Matthews (animator). 3. Bill Scott (story). 4. Ray De Vally. 5. "Morey Schaffer" (this is probably Myer Shaffer). 6. Maxine Davis (secretary). 7. Ade Woolery (production). 8. Art Babbitt (animator/director). 9. Ed Gershman (business manager). 10. Jenny Aspin. 11. Phil Eastman (story). 12. Roger Daley (animator). 13. Bob Givens (layout). 14. Alan Zaslove (animator). 15. Ed De Mattia (animator). 16. Jack Eckes (camera). 17. Marion Stevens. 18. Madeline Ellis. 19. Jack Schnerk (animator). 20. Willis Pyle (animator). 21. Maurice "Morey" Fagin (animator). 22. Stephen Bosustow (president). 23. Christine Decker. 24. Max Morgan. 25. Bill Melendez (animator). 26. Barbara Merrill. 27. Tolly Kirsanoff (animator). 28. Paul Smith (animator). 29. Martha Harrison. 30. Constance Crawley. 31. Unidentified (a secretary, according to Mary Cain). 32. Wally Bullock. 33. Spencer Peel. 34. Robert "Bobe" Cannon (animator/director). 35. Unidentified. 36. Janet Gusdavison. 37. Bill Hurtz (layout/director). 38. Betty Brennan. 39. Rudy Larriva (animator). 40. Herb Klynn (backgrounds/production). 41. John Hubley (director). 42. François "Frankie" Smith (animator). 43. Jules Engel (backgrounds). 44. Unidentified ("Celia"). 45. Mary Cain (head of ink and paint).

[Posted November 29, 2007; corrected December 1, 2007 and May 4, 2012]